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Jan 3, 2011


SO Im back on my interview grind for a bit haha, THIS GUY MORUF is AMAZING, i didn't think I would like his music because most of the stuff in my email I don't like,BUT WOW, I was instantly amazed when I heard this:

Moruf-chief rocka from B.L.V.D. filmworks on Vimeo.

Hey so I'm literally obsessed with your music, tell us a bit about yourself?
Well the name is Moruf "Moo" Adewunmi 22 yr old student at Kean Univesity
and i love creating Music and other things!
What inspires you? 
My lovely parents..3older sisters and my Friends, without them this wouldnot be possible.

How do you explain your style?
hmmmm great question, I would say thestyle is defiently cool
calm collective, content, dope flows..ORIGINAL

If your could do a song with anyone who would it be?
Fela Kuti, Melo-x, Little Dragon, Jay Elec
Kanye,Nemo, Ms.Hill&Badu, 3000!

Are you working on anything new right now?
Yess im still still working on music..shall have something around spring for the ppl, also stay tuned for Streetwear Coutre x Jersey Klan events!

Tell me a bit about your mixtape, where can we get it?
Basically a journal..hahah my life..my goals..jokes, real life situation behind awesome beats..you love it trust me Http://Ready2Live.Tumblr.com

Anything else you want our readers to know?
ummm for now just For DOWNLOAD GARDEN STATE OF MIND: READY TO LIVE on Http://Ready2Live.Tumblr.Com great music!!!! ummm im a cool guy lol hit me up on twitter lets chat it up..hahah @moo88 !!!


Anonymous said...

im downloading it i like the song you found

Anonymous said...

thanks for postinng this

Anonymous said...

thanks for postinng this

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