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Jul 30, 2013

H-Town Sneaker Summit Summer 13 (recap)

Man, we feel like we just went to the All-star edition, but Sneaker Summit rolled right back around and was hosted at the Reliant Center. The biggest sneaker expo of the summer happened right here in Houston and we were there to cover it! Lots of energy, rare kicks, and dance battles? Yea, it all happened.

Doors opened at 3pm, DJs spun music at opposite ends of the Reliant center and in between were rows of amazing vendors, unique collectors, sneakerheads, and kids ready to trade kicks. AND NO, it wasn't just Jordan’s everything from other Roshe admirers, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, Asics not to mention customs. Nike basketball was also a huge trend, lots of Lebron, KD, Penny, Barkley and Kobe.
Am I weird for being mostly excited to see Mr.Shoeston's booth again? Last time I saw the Nike Mags in person for the first time, this time around he had Mutare's Iron Mags on display... with Mutare sitting right there watching them like a hawk LOL. Cool kids, really cool kids.
www.caderaclothingcompany.com, these guys are awesome!
I'm still sad I couldn't chat with them maybe I'll email them for a quick Back-N-Forth for the blog.
Kick Culture at its most modern, traders area.
OKAY--- I'm obsessed with Royal K.N.G (K.N.G stands for Knowledge never goes) I copped a shirt from these dudes. Look for a post with a feature about them in the near future. They are way too cool.
Oh H-Town, one: basketball players have huge feet. two: Verizon is awesome for having a charging station to charge the battery on your android phone that dies after like 2 hours of blogging. I was reppin my hardwood classic so it was cool to see a booth for the Houston Rockets.
NOVEMBER 23 to be exact, will you be there? 


Jul 27, 2013

Current Crave: Nike Fly Knit

We already know I have a free obsession. I posted a current crave a few months back about some Lunar Fly Knits.... SOOO, what better than those two awesome things having a baby and making a Free Flyknit? Oh nothing better? Yea. I know.

They're pretty much $160 socks.  I love the idea, but I think a pair of Nike ID Lunar Glides are in my future. I really just want shoes that say MalibuMara on them. For a real runner, I say go get them.
Speaking of kicks,


Jul 25, 2013

Wanderlust: Follow Me

One of my favorite photo series has to be from Russian photographer Murad Osmann called "Follow me to." It's been circulating the internet for a bit, but I finally decided to blog about it.
Basically, each photo is taken with his girlfriend around the world and in each image they are intertwined in some form or fashion. I LOVE IT. (Want to copycat this idea sooo bad.)THE COOL THING IS, It's still going. You can follow photographer @muradosmann on instagram and see where he his girlfriend will end up next. Its amazing. I love it.
What a creative documentation of travel. With her back turned, she is inviting us to the these lush radiant environments around the world. I could only hope to travel as much in my lifetime. Whether New York, Moscow, Asia-- these photos are amazing souvenirs from such different lands.
Does it make you want to travel?


Jul 24, 2013

K. Nicole Couture

As the seasons prepare for a turn, the fashion world brings in the fall season with its newest addition, K. Nicole Couture. The innovative fashion line is the brainchild of designers Kera Anderson and Nicole Styer. The duo set out to create a line that offered a mixture of ready-to-wear and couture pieces, with its tasteful selections of Italian prints and other luxury textiles. Wrapping up the summer season, Anderson and Styer have a completed collection that they are ready to debut to the fashion circle.

Styer is the owner of N.R.S. Boutique, a one-of-a-kind clothing and accessory stop located in the heart of South Philadelphia. Her boutique venture comes as a direct result of her artsy upbringing, which later was followed up by Styer pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fibers and Crafts from the University of the Arts. Styer’s counterpart, Kera Anderson, developed a close relationship with Styer after frequenting N.R.S. Boutique, always requesting custom-made pieces that were for her own closet. But Anderson has a sort of fashion experience that is not shaped by design schooling but rather a gift she dubs as an “eye for fashion.” She has the ability to recognize plush textiles and envision them crafted as jackets or jumpsuits.


Jul 22, 2013

I Don't Pop Molly, I Rock Tom Ford.

Back like I never left? It seems like everyone is jamming Jay Z and name dropping Tom Ford.Can't lie, Tom Ford lipsticks are legendary but at $50 a pop, I'm going to have to leave those at the counter. In regards to menswear, I have always held Tom Ford as Golden. SPEAKING OF GOLDEN, I die at his thigh high heels. I need a pair. NEED!
Let me drop a little Tom Ford knowledge on you guys really quick.
Did you know he's a Fashion Designer AND a Film Director?


Jul 20, 2013

Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

ALLOW ME TO RE-INTRODUCE MYSELF: Malibu Mara here, back from a break. You know, fashion obsessed, works in corporate doing her dream job (for the most part)? So I'm back, Made a few little changes to my blog for a facelift! Got my mind right AND a ton of inspiration for future projects.I just needed a small vacation, its "summer." YOLO.
So what have I been up to in the mean-time?

Worked on a dope photoshoot with fellow blogger Inspirations Muse. CAN'T WAIT to show you guys the final project!// Saw Pacific Rim, pretty good movie.It moved a little slow but was a cool plot. //
Have you tried the Valencia Refresher from Starbucks? SOO GOOD, Close second with my long time fave Passion Tea Lemonade.//
One of our random escapes from the busy city. Skylines with Palm trees, yes please. //
RIP Talia. Super inspirational, lost her battle with Cancer at 13. I love her charisma, and OMG Cancer sucks. //
 MCxHG, I can't get over it. But I'm a huge Jay Z head (PS in other news he removed the hyphen from his name)//
Who is that handsome gentleman? Hmm. //
My obsession with mirrored furniture continues, Sitting in Blue Lion Salon getting Keratin. OMG I missed having Keratin in my hair! It makes my life soooo much easier.//
We saw the Bling Ring, Not gonna lie I only saw it to see Emma Watson play Alexis Neiers. It was hilarious. The movie isn't awful but could have been on TV. //
The Sally Hansen Sugar coat is on sale at Target, I picked up pink and mint. I reaalllyyy wanted white but I can't find it anywhere. //
My Boss gave me this Rockets bear! I have been picking out the sports merchandise for our concepts lately mainly because my boss doesn't like sports and she knows I love basketball and saved this for me. I DIED, he sits on my desk :)//
I finally tried BLK. Water. I always saw it and finally gave in and tried it. Its not bad but GUH, regular water is just fine. I feel weird drinking water that's black. 

Jul 7, 2013

Summer Breakdown

 BE BACK SOON, Taking a little break. Well, it already started but I'm finally mentioning it LOL.

Things to look forward to when I get back:
Media Coverage of the HTOWN Sneaker Summit (Yes, we will be back) 
Mary Kay Vox Box Review
 Chicnova Product Review 
 Oh and a new layout/redesign.
ALL PHOTOS ARE By http://www.kbcreativephotos.com/.
If you're in Houston and need a great photographer...

Jul 2, 2013

TREND ALERT: Textiles.

On Y-3's 12-13 RTW Runway the walk was lined with rugs. I love a great textile so imagine the idea of translating the actual runway to the runway? As bit bit of a boho gypsy, I deem this a trending item.I like the idea in an accessory to add a cute worldly aspect to any look. It might be a little heavy for summer, but if you are thinking ahead for pre-fall, I say GO FOR IT!


Jul 1, 2013


I'll take an elite runway model approach to July.
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