Oct 29, 2010

A Marc Jacobs Halloween

I figured since I have no more plans for Halloween, I'll relive Marc's AWESOME and INFAMOUS Halloween costumes.For the record, I wanted to be the Mad Hatter. I saw the cutest "tea party" costume.

MY FAVE^ A pigeon, I WANT.
OOHH, and the Window displays are EPIC.


Oh, and my YOUTUBE channel is up, I CAN"T WAIT to upload the epic video .... DUN DUN DUN/

MalibumaraTV Is LIVE :)


Oct 27, 2010

Wednesday has Never Been So Random

Did you know Baptiste Giabiconi has a pop song out?

And... It's not THAT bad..
AND, he's easy on the eyes:

Obviously a slow news day....
Well things that I might have missed talking about or didn't fit in anywhere really...
1. Kanye West's runway video was really DOPE duh, everyone said it and posted it, so I wasn't going to as well.We all saw it, it was amazing. People who don't get it are just really mainstream and uncreative. I will always love Kanye. I never hated him during all the drama. For the 293492384 time, he is the reason why i started blogging. So yep, RUNAWAY was AMAZINGLYAWESOME!

2. I liked Lebron's nike commercial... EFF the haters. HAHA, who cares? Basketball is his career, he can play where he wants. If you feel "betrayed" you are too attached to someone who doesn't even know your name.

3. My youtube channel is up, BUT there is no content YET! I have a toooon of ideas and probably going to start cranking out videos this weekend!SUBCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE!

4. Im still sad Michael C. got kicked off project runway, I mean, I LOVE Mondo but I think Michael was still amazing! I wanted to cry when he was crying :/ and yes, I still HATE Gretchen.

Oct 26, 2010

Nasty Gal Still Owns

I just got an E-mail from them for their new merch and OMG it is LOVELY!
I have done a 10X10 in a while, but if I had my pick,
these 10 items are being added to my imaginary style closet:

More under the cut:

Oct 25, 2010

Vogue Nippon December

Alessandra Ambrosia looks FAB in Decembers Vogue Nippon, it's not even November yet... But disregard that.
1. I LOVE December, its my birthday month.
2. It is also XMAS.
3. It gets cold. (Yes, it isn't really cold until then, freaking Texas.)

Oct 22, 2010

Friday Inspiration



Oct 21, 2010

WHY is it so HOT?

Is it because I live in Texas, the BIPOLAR state?
I got a HALF-TAN today.One of my arms is blackkkk, and the other is a Caramel color.
BUT ANYWHO, I really want to wear some of my jackets and blazers I bought. SOMETHING I WANT, is what QUEEN RACHEL is wearing.
Burberry. Coat.
Too bad it costs MORE THAN MY tuition.
Anyone else have $3,995 laying around?
I Also love the Black Shearling one, it reminds me of a black poodle.
AND I DIE for the simple aviator style shearling jacket.

This and the black one at $2,995.
ONE DAY my closet will be full of little jewels like these.
AND ALSO, speaking of Rachel, did you know she is suposedly expecting a baby.... BOY!
Im upset. BUT there is a new season of the ZOE Project sooooo, they'll talk about it... IF that is even true. I WANTED HER TO HAVE A GIRL!

Oct 20, 2010

What I am Obssesed With...

We all know I am super obsessed with Nail Polish and LATELY I have been seeing the shattered nail polish look.... Well, the nail queen KATY PERRY and OPI have come up with a nail polish line. Yes, Im not 14 I don't really care too much for the Beiber collection, the colors he chose were really out of style and wayyy off trend.

Katy Perry's collection looks great... But the best thing is...
Another OPI and Celebrity concept, this one with Serena Williams dries to this crackle effect simmilar to the top of the bottle. Sad though, it is out in JANUARY :/

Check out the video to see the colors and shatter effect LIVE!
I want this shatter polish SOOOO BAD!

Oct 18, 2010

Makeup Monday

I freaking LOVE JLovesMac1's youtube channel! She's freaking hilarious. She reminds me of Raven Baxter. SHE'S THAT HILARIOUS! She's even inspired me to make my own youtube channel! SO look out for that soon. I'm about to film my next haul post on it sooooo it is going to be AWESOME:

She has great style. AND yes I want to do a whats in my school bag post as well!
In other school news,
I am freaking exhausted but I STILL have upcoming school work. I can't relax until thanksgiving... That is a LONG time. Oh and i currently despise my patternmaking project. Stupid pattern pieces don't line up...

The return of my sewing kit... It looks a little... ROUGH. hahaha

Of course you can't tell in this photo^ Its a 1/2 size cut muslin. And I'm tired of it. I don't even want to work on the full size. But at least I finished it in the 2 hour time unlike 80% of my class -____-

Oct 16, 2010

Cover Girls.

Katy Perry looks GREAT on the cover of AUSTRALIAN COSMO.
Don't forget she'll be on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show November 30th!
I don't know if it air's on Nov. 30th but I will be posting it.
Anne Hathaway looks lovely on the cover of Vogue's November issue. I really like this cover better than the September issue... Is that bad? It just has a since of elegance and actual FASHION.

What I also Love is how both are on TREND this season, Red and Leopard are EVERYWHERE. I love it. Im currently at a HUGE haul post that I need to do BUT my computer is being stupid every time I try to do it. I'll try to have it done soon though.  Looking at my bank accounts I NEED some income. We'll see what I can come up with. I'm hoping to find a job for the Christmas break when I go home for Thanksgiving. UGHHHH. Money is the root of all evil.

Oct 15, 2010

Kind of Flirty and Girly Inspiration Post


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