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Apr 28, 2011

A Fairytale Wedding

Who else is excited about the royal wedding? Or tired of hearing of it? LOL, I really haven't been following it too closely because its not like I'm invited OR british. I think its really cool though, they seem like a nice couple, and I like the work that prince William has done while growing up. The one thing I AM tired of is seeing them compare everything to the late Princess Diana. Sheesh, they are different people, yea they influence but STOP. They are different , but both influence this post :)
I have compiled a bit of an inspiration post, I have always loved the Union Jack symbol so this wedding is giving me an excuse to go crazy with it again:

always keep it G.

this photo is gorgeous!

Apr 27, 2011

OOTD, Simply Summer

I actually wore this yesterday BUT I love this color palate. I'm planning on buying more pinks, neons, and oranges to add to my closet for the season. I looked in my closer recently and I have ALL FALL COLORS :/ Not ok, I need bright things in my life. I like the balance of neutrals and neons :D

Shirt: Charlotte Russe $9.99//Neon Tank Forever 21 $2.80// Pants Charlotte Russe 9.99//

Apr 26, 2011

Sally Hansen Crackle

Im super excited for this collection. We have to wait until JUNE.
BUT OMG, Sally Hansen Crackle polishes.
There are so many, I need all of them. And since they are Sally Hansen, I probably will buy them all!
Eva Chen, Teen Vogue blogger twitpic'd these photos ^
Im obsessed this this trend. Im used to drawing little zebra prints or use my Bundle Monster kit, BUT this is an easy and quick nail art thing to do! (who ever did these testers is horrible at painting shatter lol) But I like it, Its quick and easy and I can't wait until this hits stores in June!

Apr 24, 2011


First off, HAPPY EASTER! While shopping I came across this LOVELY product! We have had a Lush cosmetics in my mall for quite a long time. I haven't ever been just because i didn't see anything cool about blended soaps and whatever...
FASTFORWARD TO NOW! I went in because I saw a Youtube video from Elle Fowler and it was a Lush haul. She mentioned this product called Love lettuce and it seemed like something I could
1)afford (it's 6.95) and
2) would want to use (its a face mask!)
So it comes in that mini pot, and you HAVE to keep it in the fridge! Its fresh ingredients and these pots only last about 3 weeks. Im kind of mad that mine expires on the 9th :/ It seems soon lol.
But anyway, its ALOT of product, since its a mask i'll probably use it every 4 days. It smells wonderful ANNDD its cooling, PERFECT for these hot ass Texas summers. Its not even summer but it's 100 degrees outside. It feels amazing as it dries, and when you take it off it makes your skin brighter and moisturized. I want to try more BUT when it comes to these products its hit or miss :/
OH and bring 5 pots back and you get one free :) More reason to try them all lol!

Apr 22, 2011

Friday Fashion Fail?

This is the image of Jessica Simpson that I will always have.
this has to be a mistake.She, herself doesn't dress great? Sometimes its ok, but I'm positive she has a stylist.
YES, he clothing line is great and matched MICHAEL KORS in sales, and YES she has passed 1 Billion in sales, BUT her design team has been doing the KEY WORDS, DESIGNING! What does she do? Check yes or no? Trademark her name? Come on. 
What do you think?

Apr 20, 2011

College Problems.

About to register for classes and I needed to laugh. This video is one of my favorites that I have ever done :D

Apr 18, 2011

Party in the Desert

So while I was sleeping Kanye delivered one of the greatest Coachella hip-hop sets of all time.
Everyone will not get over the fact he is wearing a womens blouse. WTVS, it looks good :D

Of course he also wore his signature red. Can we exchange a bracelet Ye?
I wish there were better photos of his clothes, but he looked pretty awesome. Oh and lets not mention that I got invited to a VIP  blogger tent at coachella :/ I can't wait to finish school.

Celebs bring the lookbook.nu-esque style out during Coachella while looking rather satorialist. I give best dressed to my favorite model, there might be a bias here: CHANEL IMAN!

Apr 15, 2011

Happy 70th Grace Coddington!

All of my Idols in one room!

He has the portfolio case that I want!

Is this a grace post or Marc post? LOL

Life is going good, SO FAR. I just need to get over 2 more hurdles: Registering for fall classes, and registering for summer nonsense. UGH. I need to make this all work out. Number crunching gives me a few options so its ok so far. I just know that I have 30 hours until I graduate, and I need to make sure that it works out. I can't wait to fix my living situation, even though its for a semester, its better than right now. Life is starting to fall into place, finally. Yay for being organized the past few years, and taking care of my shit. It was all worth it.

Apr 14, 2011

Current Crave

I want one of these.
I think it will help me look professional.
I had my interview today... It went................. WELL!
Im so excited! I really needed it, I set a goal, and I made it. I have achieved so much of what I wanted to this semester. Last semester was a train wreck, I feel like things are coming along well! This is awesome :D

Asos $98

Apr 13, 2011

I Need A Vacation

If you could see my planner, I'm dead busy, 5 tests in 4 days. Tomorrow I have a scholarship interview. UGHGHGHGHG. I'm so nervous.Its the one from last year that I wrote about, I was too young. And now I'm old, and life isn't the same. I'm nervous about one thing, but I'm usually kick ass at interviews so hopefully I am able to show that I am a strong candidate. AND, I'm the only candidate.... BUT that doesn't mean I automatically get it.
Le Sigh.
I want to take a mini vacation because life get busssyyy,,,,, after I submit this post, see you soon with a Vlog!

Apr 12, 2011

Its not about the shoes, its where you go in them.

such a busy week, just something to think about.

Apr 9, 2011


Do these images not incite memories of Chuck-e-Cheeze or Mr.Gatti's?

They had little friendship bracelets that looked like this, oh but definitely NOT as cool.

Check it out:http://brokenfab.bigcartel.com/

Apr 8, 2011

Friday Inspiration-First Dibs

I came across this site called firstdibs.com, OMG, VINTAGE FASHION EVERYWHERE! They have true Vintage pieces and connect you with sellers! Im dying:


Apr 7, 2011

Small Town Syndrome

I wear bracelets all the time, I feel naked without at least one...
At target I saw these, and I want them all.
They are all geniune leather and seem pretty good quality, and are in the realm of $15-20. I haven't bought any yet bc I have such small wrists, but I still adore them.

Oh Huntsville, thank god they built that target shopping center that included a rue21, marshalls, and dollar tree. Can you believe we only had a Walmart? Ugh, I miss Houston,I THINK I'm going home tomorrow. Pho is calling my name, I have a 20 minute presentation to work on, its about FASHION. EPIC. I need to work on it, its due MONDAY!

Apr 6, 2011


I don't know why, but I am OBSESSED with San Francisco, I've only been once.... It is amazing. It makes so sense, streets go up and down and people still ride bikes on them. I don't want to move there, but a vacation there for 2 weeks a year would be AWESOME!
These style photos are from SF.Style, I love it.

 Oh and the second to last photo of chinatown brings back so many AWESOME memories. I need to go back. AWKWARD story, I didn't want to eat my chicken soup because I was afraid it was pigeon.... I mean they were every where and it was oddly shaped... yea. my life.
VISIT http://www.thesfstyle.com/ for more they are FANCY :D
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