Sep 30, 2011

Halloween by Chelsea Manor

It is officially fall, October is around the corner, and so is Halloween! I want to carve a pumpkin really bad! I also want pumpkin pie. Halloween party anyone? If anyone is looking for awesome costumes, Chelsea Manor has really awesome "couture costumes" that are bananas!
This one is my absolute favorite!!!


Sep 29, 2011

Color My World

So on top of the other things I'm doing, I am also planning a tie-dye social for the FMC. I made some posters and came across a lot of cool tie-tye photos that are pretty inspiring. On next Tuesday I'll share how out shirts turned out! But for now, Tye-Dye inspiration.


Sep 27, 2011

Photoblog 9.27.2011

Study all night and all morning for Sales Management test. Still eh, about it. Results should be up soon though... AHHH.EDIT: I scored 212/225 :) LOL and then in the grade distribution he said it was : A10,B 17,C 04,F 01. DOPE.
I need to start stalking people too as part of my research! Lol.
Had 5 guys for the first time, its aight. Good burgers, fries need help.

Sep 26, 2011

Smoking Slippers, The New Flats?

If you read wwd you have heard that smoking slippers are the new flats. I have wanted a pair since last fall but I never found any that look ok on my feet. I don't know what it is, but I really want to add a pair to my wardrobe!
Steve madden is leading my most wanted shoe brand race. Their Madee's are at the top of my LustList:

I really like the leopard Madee! They're pretty cheap too (in comparison to their inpirations) ranging from $79-$119.
There are many options out there, I really can't wait to try this trend! 

Sep 24, 2011

I Just Want To Light Up The World

  Yasmin Ft. Ms. Dynamite - Light Up The World by foofaika

I'm back in Houston and feeling inspired. I really need to finish reading Russel Simmons Super Rich. It's pretty enlightening, and I have about 1/3 of the book left to go, but school work has interrupted the progress. I usually take it to classes and try to read in my break times but I haven't been doing that lately. In other news, I had dinner (kind of) with my amazingly successful friend Grace who carries an adorable Kate Spade bag. I haven't really thought about purses in a while but today watching the style network they showed this Kate Spade bag called the Kennedy that I DIED over.

I of course headed over to the website and saw the new collection, and I must say, it's really nice.

Bow Bridge Kennedy $445

Sep 23, 2011

Runway Nails

So I can't be complete without a post on some of the nails that were rocked on the various runways.

images via refinery29
MUST TRY OMBRE NAILS, I posted another version of them, but I'm dying to try them already. TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF FALL :) I love it. I am also In Houston. And Frankmusik is performing here soon. YAS. Im super busy though, life. Story of my life. I just got a linkedin account as well. If you are a professional and are getting connected add me! I have a cool network so far :)

Sep 22, 2011

Burberry Love.

I have been a bit absent, while I have been gone a bit, London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week have gone on.; not to mention my Weekly Fashion life in general. I really want to talk about all the cool stuff I'm doing, But I have to wait. Just know that I am really happy and excited. I also saw Stedman Graham yesterday. He came to my campus to speak. He talked a lot about being productive, and to find yourself. Basically, I have been living life the right way. Find something you love and you never feel like you're working.... CHECK!

In FASHION WEEK NEWS, Burberry has won my heart. I mean when you end a show with glitter I can't turn way.

Prints at Burberry= LOVE.

Traveling back to the hometown tomorrow. Even though I have like 934934289 things to accomplish. Bleh. Never going to slow down ever. This is all because I relaxed ALL summer. LOL. Im almost positive.

Sep 20, 2011

SO it has Begun.

I was ok for the first few weeks of school... Now I am really feeling the pressures of college and my final semester in residence. My new ambassador job is shaping up really well too... I'm actually really excited, and I think its going to go really well! This is actually pretty unusual... But Im happy.


Sep 18, 2011


This song brings back so many memories. Its weird how music will do that to you. I'm studying for my consumer behavior test Monday and I'm reading about how everything from smells, ambiance, and MUSIC can effect consumers. Most of it is pretty obvious, but its funny when you realize you are an example of what you are studying!

Im going to be really busy all week. Im not sure how blogging is going to go... Maybe I'll only do it in the AM ;) LOL.

Sep 17, 2011

Miroslava Duma-Style Icon

   WEEKENDS!!! (feat. Sirah) by Skrillex
Yes, if you have been following my blog for a while, this is the second time I have listed Miroslava as a style icon, but this Russian just knows how to dress! Its the weekend (and I will be listening to large amounts of Skrillex, see music above) and I just need to post some inspiration, and get on top of my consumer behavior and marketing research. Good thing this all ties nicely into my new endeavor.

Let my study-thon commence.

Sep 16, 2011

No Stress.

(Laurent Wolf-No Stress)
I just want to make the song above my life theme song. Oh and in other news, I was in the paper on FNO!

I think it's dope. Im considering what to do with the paper I have. I want a huge closet/office to hang it, and my signed by Marc Jacobs Bang tshirt in. I'm dreaming of buying a two bedroom apartment with this purpose in mind. Life is going well, Im trying to keep the good karma going. Le sigh, the power of fashion week. And now I just have to find the inner power to study for my test Monday, BRING IT ON MARKETING CLASSES. Everyone is gone for the weekend so I should be able to focus.
MY Fashion week breakdown is on my partner JAYSWAG's BLOG

Sep 15, 2011

Fashion Finale

Today is the end of MBFW, and I have to catch up on not only some of the shows, but all aspects of my life as well. But anyway, for the final day of MBFW,MARC JACOBS MY IDOL SHOWED. Marc by Marc Jacobs is what I look forward to every season.
This was literally a show! Dance hall vibe, great street car named desire-esque themey music, metallics... The list is endless. I loved it.
Donna Karen was amazing. American designers FTW.
Alexa Chung and Pharrell. AND PHARRELL. AND PHARRELL!
Caroline Trentini backstage at Rodarte. 
Colorblocking is still in at Julian Louie.
Backstage at Rodarte.
White after Labor day, that rule is STUPID. GO RALPH LAUREN!


Sep 14, 2011

MBFW pt.3

LOVES this, and just clicked in my head, Houston fashion week is called Audi fashion week. LMFAO. Street Style from fashion week is my fave. LensLurkers or not, you look awesome.
My love for accessories does not feign. This is a piece of the Fenton SS12 collection. You must look out for that label. ITS EVERYTHING.

My Missoni

So I guess while I mentioned our Target was still stocked out of towners got word, and in the morning wiped the shelves :/ Its ok though, I got what I wanted... well half of that I wanted:
Its kind of an inspiration piece for me. I got the milk crate in the warm colors. I wanted the mini media box to match but they sold out. This milk crate was only 9.99! I love the colors and it sits on my desk right now. Its sooo pretty but Its going to be the color palate of my future office. One day :) It reminds me to keep working hard. I woke up to AWESOME NEWS. I got as position as a brand ambassador with a company. I won't be talking about it much until its over, BUT I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE THIS OPPORTUNITY! They send the best ones to NY! WERQ!

Sep 13, 2011

Missoni and MBFW!

I did not have time today to watch any live streams :/ I'll catch up later.
I did stop by target for the Missoni line BUT I didn't buy anything. I might go back on Friday or so to see what they have. Target is receiving shipments of the line all week, so other items will be surfacing. And LOL at the site crashing. My Target is in a small town, so people do not know/care who Missoni is. They pretty much had EVERYTHING in stock still. I feel like I should buy everything and sell it on EBAY for 10x as much. HMMM...
ANYWAY. FASHION WEEK is still going on:

Last night Betsey Johnson put on a show! I love her productions, they're a party.
Oscar is a top 5. His front row was also bomb, minus Nicki... How do you mange to go to fashion week looking... Not fashionable? Not cool Lady GaGa/artisticy, just annoying and weird.
Tommy Ton finds the best street seensters. I love this stack!
Bryan Boy looks like a boss. And who is the fake BryanBoy getting into shows? SHAME ON THOSE INTERNS! DO YO HOMEWORK!
Chris Benz, I want everything.
One day to go for Nanette Lepore.
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