Nov 29, 2016

Can I be @foodwithmichel for a day?

If you don't follow @foodwithmichel you might actually be better off because I find myself scrolling through his page and wanting to eat literally everything. I don't eat out much here (yet anyway!) and I miss Canes and whataburger. This canes photo is life. All of his food photos are. Once I feel more settled I will definitely be taking more food photos of my own.

 This lobster looks great. I think I miss gulf seafood. At trader joes here they have gulf coast shrimp. I haven't bought it yet but I definitely have it on my list. So much needs to be eaten when I get back home for Christmas.
 YOU GUYS, my two favorite desserts, flan and ube. I think if I ever tasted this I would never want to eat anything else ever again.
In San Diego I spent a lot of the time with an upset stomach but I did have a bite of a sushi burrito that Kyle ordered off Postmates one night. It was a like this but the inside was fajita meat and something else.

Here is to venturing through PDX and taking epic food photos too. I really can't wait for Kyle and Toshi to be here. Until then it's going to be pretty lonely and boring.


Nov 27, 2016


I took my first Seattle roadtrip on Thursday in hopes of shaking my relocation depression with good friends. It was great to spend a night in SEA and I must say I need to go back during the day to experience Pike Place and everything else. I love how Seattle is bigger than PORTLAND, I think if I lived there I would be coping better! Ok, I immediately take that back, the streets are incredibly steep. I was like Jesus take the wheel. 
Of course it was raining the whole time, I think we got the bad end of the Pacific Coast! I wish we had LA weather. Alas, cold and rainy thanksgiving it was! It wasn't bad.
There is a gross place under Pike Place called the gum wall. For one time in my life I wasn't chewing gum, I would have definitely contributed if I was. The Gum Wall was cleaned one time in 2015 and it took 103 hrs. Workers removed 2,305 lbs of gum! They wanted to prevent further erosion to the bricks from the sugar in the gum but its been one year and it looks like no one cares.  In the photo above you can't see it but the walls are caked with gum.
Pike place is also the home of the original Starbucks, it has the OG logos and its a really cool glimspe at this brand. I hear during the day its just a tourist trap, you will be waiting in line for over an hour. To buy location specific merchandise you still have to wait in the line too. Comic Con has prepped me well, we might do it one day. 

But man the streets are so steep! SO scary to drive on. 

Nov 24, 2016


Happy Thanksgiving!
My first thanksgiving in PDX is not anything crazy but I knew with the timing of my move it wasn't going to be the best. I am headed to Seattle to celebrate with my friend Grace! I just can't wait for Kyle and Toshi to get up here... along with our stuff just because I need some sort of home comfort. Literally everything is foreign and I am trying to balance everything. Its funny because in Houston I hated my work environment but LOVED my city and apartment and now its the opposite feeling. I think I am not really vibing with the city because I 1)haven't given it a chance because I refuse to really explore alone 2) Really miss Kyle and Toshi getting on my nerves. Lol, it was great coming home and unwinding with them. 3) I really want my stuff lol. We built just a beautiful interior I miss just laying in a real bed on sitting on my couch falling asleep watching all of our shows... 

As much as I keep looking forward to that I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. Today is thanksgiving and I am just really thankful for all of the opportunities I have gotten this year. I told myself as much as I love Houston it will always be there. I am only 26, moving off at a time where I was given an opportunity, financing, and have no house or kids was a  great time to start an adventure like this. Not like the adventure window really closes, but this was a good opportunity. Of course nothing good comes easy and that is expected when you literally pick up and move 2300 miles away.

Living somewhere that you have never been and don't know anyone teaches you a lot:
1) You learn a lot about your true self and personality. There are a lot of things I always knew about myself but when you are alone and somewhere new all the sudden it becomes incredibly clear you are as a person. Not like I wasn't an adult before, but holy shit adulting is tough. 
2) You really learn how to depend on yourself. I really miss having my parents up the highway from me. I really do. Any minor problem I have I have to network and google to figure things out. Parents really take care of you and being away from them really forces me to adult. Raiding refrigerators and picking up random items is very taken for granted. 
3) You start to toughen up a little more and things start to really gain perspective. As much junk as I hoarded in moving around many times in Houston, in deciding on what to take to move here I realized whyyyy did I have so many random things? Mainly clothes is what I am referring to but its crazy how much junk I have acquired. 

So I have only been here one month so I am not even scratching the surface. I think what will be the most important for me is to stop looking back. I loved my old apartment so much and I miss HEB, Harwin, I-45 and all of my friends and family. At this moment constantly comparing will not be helpful while I'm transitioning. At the end of the day, this is all an experience. It has been one month. I am 26. I do not own a crystal ball. One year ago, let alone 6 months ago,  if you asked me if I saw myself living in Portland working at Adidas I would not believe you and probably not have considered it.  Who knows what changes will occur in the next 6 months or year? It could change for the better, which is what I expect once Kyle gets settled. We will definitely share PDX more and explore a lot. And if it changes for the worse guess what? HTX will still be standing, and we know the city well enough to transition back. 

It hasn't been the easiest month but it's definitely been shaping me into someone I wouldn't have been last year. That to me is a win and worth spending many more months finding my grasp. 
I do miss this view. But I have new views now, it will keep falling into place. I'm thankful I have the opportunity, as well as the opportunity to decide. Nothing is greater than the ability to shape your own life. Life is too short to stay in a routine or live inside the box. I'm thankful for the ability to take chances and learn from new people and new surroundings. I'm also thankful for everyone following on this journey with me! The most exciting thing is we both have no clue how the hell this is all going to unfold.


Nov 20, 2016

I want to remember everything. And I want to know everything.- Harriet the Spy

In 1996 Nickeloden produced one of the best movies to ever grace their classic Orange VHS. I have been watching random movies on demand lately and came across Harriet the Spy! I swear I watched this movie everyday growing up. I had many, many journals through our my childhood and even through high school. After high school, I went digital and started my blog.
I swear I ran around as a kid too spying. Now that I look back on that, I was really weird. What on earth was I doing? Kids don't play outside anymore, there is no way I would get away with that now. In watching this movie now that I'm older it is still so great! 
You’re an individual, and that makes people nervous. And it’s gonna keep making people nervous for the rest of your life. Stay true to who you are and accept the cost.
—  Harriet the Spy, “Be Yourself”
A look. How on trend is this monochromatic look from Harriet, Scout and Janie? 

There are so many quotes from Ole Golly that were soooo great. I was watching this movie screaming yassss the whole time.  I had so many thoughts...Like why was Marion was a bitch? Why was it ok for everyone to read her journal? I still don't understand how she was able to carve EVERYONE's names into her desk and not get in trouble. I randomly want purple socks now, not sure if they scream mystery but needed in the pacific NW.

BRB Planning a monochromatic outfit for tomorrow.


Nov 18, 2016


I personally could never pull this off but I love Dani and Bella Thorne's hair colors right now. I think Bella is naturally a red head and she went for REDDD and NEON tips. This pink bomber jacket is giving me the same vibes as this satin pink track jacket from adidas I have had my eye on. 
The Thorne sisters have such an edgy style, I'm not a fan of the septum piercings but how free spirited they are has been really fun to follow. I want to say Dani is older but they look like twinssss. 



Nov 16, 2016


I Basically just posted my pinterest board of home decor inspiration that I am obsessed with at the moment. Since I moved, I'm sleeping on an air mattress. My BF won't be moving with the rest of my fabulous furniture until a couple months so I am living in an empty shell of an apartment. I basically had one weekend to pick a place so I didn't really make the absolute best decision but the apartment itself is very nice and I'm actually transferring to a 3BDR with a RM soon. The transfer was primarily to save more money but also to have a smidge more space. Apartments in ... well anywhere other than the south are realllly smmalll. I think the 3BDR is only 1200 sqft. Kyle and I had almost 1400 in our 2 bdr. I REALLY MISS my HTX apartment but a house is not a home. Its an apartment, its not like I own it. I am really into the idea of living in the city next year but I need to edit my belongings down... its really hard to move my shell on my back. I love the view in the room above. I already have issues peeling myself out of bed, this is a definite work from home bed room. 
Shades of Gray 
Shelves with great curated themes on them
I go back and forth when it comes to pillows but I loveee these pillows
Mirrored Furniture which I already own but want to add to
I know I'm moving again next year... I think I move too much to really get committed to decor or stuff. We will see how this goes. More updates to come as we slowly put things together!


Nov 15, 2016


I've picked up another bad habit of snacking poorly every chance I get. Smashmallows don't solve my problems but at 70-90 calories a serving and nothing artificial... I don't mind digging into these when I have a bit of a sweet tooth. My top three flavors are Strawberry, Churro, and Rootbeer. The drop off is quick after that just because of my personal preference. Each marshmallow really gives me gourmet vibes, the texture and look is very distinct and true to each flavor. 
I've been eating the strawberry ones nonstop. Its become dangerous. Rootbeer float is also really good. I kind of want to make a smore with it, well.. a few of these would be great as s'mores. 
 The texture of the cinnamon churro one is probably the most interesting. OMG so good. Probably would also make a good s'more or as a garnish in the perfect cup of hot cocoa. Expect to see these a couple more times in hot chocolate recipes for the winter. Now that I live somewhere that is actually cold, I will be featuring way more winter things! 
I was sent these honestly to just try out, but they are so cute and fun so I decided to share them! Have you tried these? I never really was a big marshmallow fan but these are so interesting I wanted to give them a try!

Nov 14, 2016


I was watching a random dance Youtube Video and spotted this hilarious shirt that said "You tweet like a bitch" on Brian Puspos. Needless to say, I need one. I dont have much of a background on this brand, but I love their street style. It looks like there are 3 tees in this collection but the third you couldn't read so I didn't bother adding it here. You can look at their website for more.


Nov 10, 2016

CHILDISH GAMBINO: Awaken, my love.

So since I have moved I really have not watched TV and have been out of touch with all of my shows but ATLANTA is an exception. I mean to blog this sooner but there were some MAJOR easter eggs for Childish Gambino's much awaited new album. It has been a few years since Because of the Internet released. In the last episode the strange interesting art pictured above kept appearing throughout the final episode of Atlanta. Donald also wore the art on a t-shirt during his last Jimmy Fallon appearance. The album name showed up in a few FYE windows, on 12/2, it listed Childish Gambino Awaken, my Love dropping.
This rumor got major amplified when Awaken my Love showed up on Amazon Canada the next day! No art work was officially released, UNTIL TODAY.
On youtube now is a track called "Me and your mama." Zane Lowe played it on beats one 6 times in his premiere of the record and it is currently the most played track on beats one. I am sooooo excited for Donald Glover! I have been following his journey almost as long as I've been blogging and he has been a serious force in the industry.

1. Me and Your Mama
2. Have Some Love
3. Boogieman
4. Zombies
5. Riot
6. Redbone
7. California
8. Terrified
9. Baby Boy
10. The Night Me and Your Mama Met
11. Stand Tall

I can't wait. December is basically around the corner. Don't forget my blog relaunches in December! When Kyle gets back here I'll have new photos lol. Kind of hard to take photos of yourself... Unless I find a photog down here. Still settling in and adjusting but I like it so far. Also since the election, there was a lot of prejudice in HTX at where I used to work... so its nice to not feel that way when you come in. Good thing I chose a blue state to move in!



Nov 6, 2016


The cool thing about fall in Portland is that it's actually fall. I had no clue leaves actually turned yellow and red and fell from tress. In HTX its still almost 80, my friends are wearing shorts and sandals still and Im bundling up in every thrift store cardigan I own.  I put together a really chill vibes playlist for fall. It starts with this amazing Without the Light song and more importantly amazing choreography from Phillip Chbeeb. He is so smooth! 



Nov 3, 2016


It's November and I'm almost through 2 weeks in a new town with a new job. Its been a fun life experience so far! Obviously parts of it are challenging but it really helped simplify my life. My career path is very positive and the environment is very team oriented and that is so refreshing. There is a strong theme of really caring about people here. On the flip side, there are a lot of people that were fake friends that really showed true colors as soon as I made it clear I was moving. Very few people truly support me and check up on me. There are people that check on me just so they can gossip, or because they hope its not going well, then there are people that haven't asked or checked in at all. 
As far as my career I am really learning true buying functions and on a really great path in a career that I have wanted to be in since high school. I find the fact that I work at adidas crazy because in High School I wrote a full presentation on Puma and adidas and built a store front for my own shoe store called Art-official (pronounced artificial). We had a major end of year assignment where we literally had to make a shoe box into a store. I took it so serious and I even HAD A CARDBOARD CUTOUT OF KANYE WEST AND PHARRELL SHOPPING inside. This was like almost 10 years ago. I graduated high school in 2008. I can't help but still be happy because I honestly have been chasing these larger than life dreams and had nothing but people tell me I was being unrealistic. When I graduated college many people were like "Oh, its really nice that you pursued fashion." in that condescending voice that really meant "well, good luck with that..." 
I think what I mean by these stories is no matter where you are in your career, whether you're advancing or not... people will continue to doubt you and undercut the strides you make as a person. Beyonce is called ugly and people say she can't sing. There are people that HATE Marc Jacobs and say he is uninspired. There was once a part of me that took criticism personal but this experience has really taught me that these actions speak more about the people talking down to me than me.  I think its being not genuine that bothers me. Actually-- I think I'm bothered by the fact that I'm 26 and still naive. I wish the best for anyone around me because the pie is big enough and the path we are all on is not the same. The path that you are on is for you. No two are the same, but every path teaches you what you need to learn for YOURSELF. I wish people well, but not everyone hopes for the same. At then end of the day, I still wish you well because that is who I am. To anyone that tried to tell me I wouldn't make it, or that it would be REALLY HARD (like Im supposed to be afraid of hard work), or that asks my boyfriend how I am doing but not me: I am doing fine, and I wish you well... and I really mean it because if you really focus yourself, mean wishes can't deter you, ever. 
I didn't take time to write this to jab at anyone, I wrote it for anyone out there that feels discouraged because they feel like what they want to do is farfetched. If you don't want to work hard and take risks, than yes. Your dream will always be farfetched, but the moment you believe in your dreams, and discover your why, there is nothing than can deter you from what everyone says you can't do. The difference is between talking and doing. 

There are people that talk, and people that do... I am very busy doing. Always have been. 

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